How To Write A Landing Page

How to write a great landing page

Writing a great Landing Page is like walking a tightrope

Landing Pages. The problem child of the marketing world. Include too little information and people leave confused and uncertain, offer too much and they become overwhelmed and run away. Writing them is like walking a tightrope—easy to over-balance and topple into marketing oblivion.

That’s why crafting great Landing Pages takes time and careful planning. When written correctly they capture attention and drive action, but when written poorly they achieve not much at all.

This week we take a look at those pesky Landing Pages, and what you can do increase engagement and conversions using as few words as possible.

What are Landing Pages?

In simple terms, Landing Pages are purpose-built webpages used by companies and organisations to promote a particular product, service or offer. While still a part of the website, their purpose is more specific, and usually aimed at trying to encourage a website visitor to hand over their contact information in exchange for a piece of content, discount, product or service being offered by the company. This simple transaction creates a new qualified lead for the business who can then use-follow up marketing to nurture that lead through the sales funnel.

Need Landing Page inspiration? Check out these great Landing Page examples over at HubSpot.

Why Are Landing Pages Important?

Because they convert simple web visitors into genuine business leads. Anyone can drive traffic to their website, but the real magic is getting those visitors to engage with you in some way—either through buying, opting-in, signing up or downloading something from your website.

Yet according to WordStream, about 75% of businesses have a problem finding someone who can write landing page copy that does its job—which in most cases, is increasing conversions.

So, how do you craft great Landing Page content? It’s a combination of creativity, strategy and clear writing. Here’s how to get started:

Start with a Killer Headline

When it comes to Landing Pages, your headline is make-or-break. Visitors tend to scan the words rather than read them, so a strong, clear and compelling headline captures attention from the outset. Create a header that speaks to your readers, and clearly articulates the benefit of your offer. Practical tips include:

  • Keeping it short and precise
  • Don’t tell, pitch
  • Use the headline to focus on one main benefit, then use the page copy to elaborate on others
  • Triple check the spelling
  • A/B test to see which headlines get the most open rates and click throughs from your visitors, then tweak future headlines accordingly

Write About Benefits, Not Features

When someone arrives on your Landing Page, they do so with a ‘what’s in it for me?’ mentality. In little more than a glance, they want to know how your products will make their lives easier. That’s the difference between features and benefits.

If you write about CRM software on a Landing Page, you’ll be tempted to talk about its functionality and superiority, but that shouldn’t be your primary focus. Instead, talk about the ways it will help companies boost their marketing power, improve customer service and how those benefits will help them increase conversions and sales.

Remember, when you’re talking about features, you’re focusing on you and your product. When you’re talking about benefits, your focus is where it should be—on your customers.

Break Up The Copy

Remember, people only have a 7-second attention span when viewing a webpage. Greeting them with a wall of text is a sure-fire way to send them packing.

Instead, break up the copy into more digestible chunks. Use headlines and sub-headlines, shorten your sentences and paragraphs and use bullet lists to make the key take-aways of your page punchy and interesting. The Call to Action button should be highly visible and, if possible, consider using imagery and video to support the text.

Keep It Simple

Your web visitors are busy, time-poor people who don’t need any extra reason to jump to your competitor a Google listing away. When it comes to Landing Page copy, the simplest words are the best.

You want to say what you need to say—and no more—and you want to say it in language that’s easy to understand and immediately accessible.

Take Optimizely for example, which creates some of the most compelling Landing Pages on the market. Their own landing page copy is surprisingly simple, but quickly manages to make its point.

Welcome to Optimizely. Sign up for a free account and test out the most popular Landing Page Optimization Tool on the planet!

They focus their message, avoiding telling their audience what their tool does that others don’t, or precisely why it’s the most popular. That’s not their objective. They simply want readers to provide contact details. All the other juicy benefits and features can come later once they start nurturing them down the sales funnel.

Give It The Pub Test

When chatting with our colleagues or friends about our latest passion projects, the conversation often sparkles. Our energy leaps forth. Yet when we try to describe it in an email to them later, our language becomes verbose and passive, usually stemming from a lack of confidence in our own words and fear of being judged for them.

The result is disastrous, and we end up not saying much of anything at all. Such an approach with a Landing Page would spell its demise before you ever hit ‘publish’.

People like getting advice and guidance from other human beings, so make sure you write like one. That means writing the way you speak, using simple words and short sentences, not being afraid to use humour from time to time, and making ‘proper grammar’ your tool, not your master.

When you’ve done some drafting give your Landing Page copy the Pub Test. Read it and ask yourself, ‘is this how I would describe it to a friend at the bar?’ If not, start editing.

Need a hand?

Writing Landing Pages that work can be tricky. It’s part craft, part art, part strategy, all working together to capture and hold the attention of your website visitors. If you need a hand crafting your next Landing Page, give Ink Copywriting a call.

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