The 4 Kinds of Customer Loyalty

The Broadcaster. The Enthusiast. The Lazy Loyal. The Seeker. No, it’s not a band of superheroes. It’s the four kinds ‘customer loyalty’ described in a new report from software giants Oracle. It’s a fascinating insight, and has implications for businesses keen on creating engaging content for their customers. Retail 2018: The Loyalty Divide details four typologies […]

More Than 50% of Businesses Rely on Content Marketing to Engage Customers, study finds

Content marketing is essential to more than half of businesses’ digital marketing strategies, according to a new survey from The Manifest. More than half (53%) of businesses invest time and money in content marketing, and continued growth in this category is expected, industry experts say. “Even 10 years ago, content marketing was seen as a new […]

Dog Day Afternoon: Pedigree’s ‘Cause Marketing’ Masterclass

Earlier this month, iconic dog food brand Pedigree partnered with agency CLM BBDO to use the power of Instagram on behalf of shelter dogs. In the ‘Dogs for Dogs’ campaign, France’s most popular Instagram dogs ‘loaned’ their accounts to shelter dogs of the same breed for a day. After following the replacement shelter dogs for […]

31 percent of people ready to #DeleteFacebook, survey finds

The recent Facebook data breach scandal — which revealed over 87 million users’ data had potentially been improperly obtained and used by a political consultancy Cambridge Analytica to target U.S. and British voters in the close-run elections of Brexit and the U.S. Presidency — has placed a global spotlight on the value of our personal […]

Green Waste: Is Our Sustainability Content Being Missed?

As content writers, we’re always thinking of new and creative ways to promote the sustainability efforts of our clients. On-package messaging is perhaps the hardest. The limited space and competing visuals of branded products makes writing engaging copy that also communicates a serious message a tricky proposition. Yet new research reveals that even our best efforts might be going […]

5 Reasons Why Blogging Is A Powerful Business Tool

Content marketing is one of the world’s fastest-growing promotional trends. Increased audience cynicism towards traditional advertising has forced companies to look for better ways to engage their potential customers. Simply shouting at them through advertising is no longer a feasible stand-alone strategy. Publishing content that answers questions, solves problems and adds value to your audience […]

How To Write A Landing Page

Landing Pages. The problem child of the marketing world. Include too little information and people leave confused and uncertain, offer too much and they become overwhelmed and run away. Writing them is like walking a tightrope—easy to over-balance and topple into marketing oblivion. That’s why crafting great Landing Pages takes time and careful planning. When […]